Album_premiere Defying

Defying - Wadera


“Wadera“ is the term for the female wolf, is connected to hunting and as such, it seems to have some kind of old-fashioned connotation. In that sense the atmospheric nature of Defying‘s new album of the same name, for the Polish band has tried to embellish their soundscape with some instruments that are more than 100 years old. The result is a remarkable record which we are really proud to present exclusively for you.

A concept album inspired by the Polish horror film “The Wolf” (1983) and the short story “Wadera” (1977) by Jerzy Gierałtowski the record purveys that certain kind of dark romanticism which we also associate with morbidity, with tales like ”The Castle of Otranto” or ”Dracula” with movies like ”Nosferatu” (always the Murnau original, please) or the classic 1935 movie ”Werewolf of London”. There is always something hidden in the dark shadows just beyond the reach of the candlelight. And on Defying’s Wadera there is also another (atmospheric) element waiting just behind the reach of our vision. The visualizer provided by the band for the whole record also provides that very same mood – and if you find the clever list of contents in it, you are already one step ahead of yours truly who needed a few songs to do so.

If you like the record, you can pre-order it via the label These Hands Melt or via Defying’s Bandcamp page.

You can pre-order the record via the Crazysane Records’ shop and right now, right here you can enjoy “Bitter Lake”: