Video Premiere Drlct

DRLCT - Interlinked


If you have experienced the same thing as Fantin Reichler or yours truly, this premiere will seem like a very good depiction of what you had to watch. As these moments were pretty hard to go through, let’s have a closer look at the music, as it speaks volumes and is a reason for VoS to be proud to give you this premiere for their third single “Interlinked”!

Some of you might remember a time before VoS - a time we here define as the Dark Ages. During that time, we reviewed a record called 2001 by a Swiss band called The Kompressor Experiment whose Post-Rock would have been a brilliant fit for Kubrick’s famous movie of the same name. Fast forward to 2022 and beyond the band’s next two releases (an EP and another full-length) and we land at the core of Médéé, a solo record by TKE’s Fantin Reichler. He wrote four tracks, each roughly ten minutes long and following a clear narrative. Musically we are dealing with well-done Post-Metal that takes its time when it comes to the built-up and which, as in the case of “Interlinked”, ends in mighty eruption that would also be worthy for bands like Russian Circles or If These Trees Could Talk. The dual vocals by Isis Lambiel and David Glassey (who already delivered these powerful growls on 2001). This track is powerful because of all the emotions it carries, sad to its very core, despaired beyond belief and an end to more than just a record, it’s an end to a story, an end to a chapter. This record is story-wise Touché Amoré’s Stage Four and musically it’s closer to The Ocean and Ranges. It carries the emotional weight of the world on its shoulder and it can connect to many people, whose lives have been interfered with by the hand of fate. Do not expect an easy listen, but listen closely - the record deserves attention.

Digitally, the record will be out via Sunday Fog records this Friday, May 31, and you can then listen to its entirety on Bandcamp. The physical release is scheduled for later this year - and now “enjoy” Rope Tower!”

Here you can find the previously released singles “Asunder” and “Flow Your Tears, that Bluebird said”: