Video_premiere To_end_it_all

To End it All - The Drink of Silence


You all know Sunn O))) - right? What are the Greg and Stephen known best for? Exactly - filling the pauses between two tones with drones. Well, what if you take out the drones - is that still Doom? Probably yes, as that genre is defined by the “space” between tones, right? Well, then this is Doom from the other side of Doom: We give you the premiere for the new sound phenom from the Pacific Northwest, To End it All and their new video for “The Drink of Silence” here on VoS!

I know that the way we twist and turn between genres here at VoS might be difficult for true genre aficionados to go along with, but in all honesty, we have never been about just one genre and therefore having the chance to present a band that is as much Dead Can Dance as it is Philipp Glass, as much Earth as it is Neubauten - no question, we just jump at it, right? “The Drink of Silence” is a really mesmerizing track and having listened to it a dozen times on repeat, the simplistic beat pattern is now engraved in my memory and whenever, wherever I hear that slowly muffled “clunk” again, I am pretty sure to know when I first heard. A mesmerizing song, an enchanting video and even some food for thought.

This is what the band has to say about the song: “Through echoes, voices reach the ear…we’d hope they originate in one’s own mind. Who among us would wish to stand alone and feel the hands, breath, and gentle yet menacing movement of these angry, lost, or lustful spirits. Visions emerge in twilight sleep, heavy-laden, sedative, banishing true slumber in favor of stasis, helpless as these entities seem through some natural sorcery to both shadow us, and to control. In a true collaboration between musicians, both dance & theatrical artists, ‘The Drink Of Silence’ reveals the thinnest of veils between the seen and the unseen.”

If you want to get a pre-order of the upcoming record Of Blood and Memory, which will be out April 19th, then either visit their Bandcamp page or their label Roman Numeral and now - enjoy “The Drink of Silence”: