Song_premiere Vexing

Vexing - Shallow Breath


I am at a loss for words because I just listened to the new record by Vexing! For two reasons - first it is mindblowingly good, second I do not know how to describe it. You tell me please after listening to the premiere of “Shallow Breath” here on Veil of Sound!

“Shallow Breath” turns on you like a wild lion, scratching your with muscular paws, hitting you in the guts a few times with a few dissonances left and right. The vocals are very “Avantgarde Death Metallish” aka, they are noticeably not as fiercely brutal than for example Cannibal Corpse’s, but they ain’t no Miley Cyrus gig either. And then there is this middle part when you think “Okay, kitty has understood I am just a toy and a boring one as well, so it walks away” because we witness some nearly Poppy guitar lines in the background. Mesmerizing how the track can play with your expectations so easily. Nevertheless, after having listened to the whole record - never forget that a lion is still a vicious animal! At the same time, the lyrical idea behind the record is a lot more on the depressive side, as the track deals with the anxiety we had to face during the drastic changes of the last few years. Therefore “Shallow Breath” in itself represents the time of its creation very cleverly and clearly as the sheer force of the events is the beginning and the little rays of sunshine are the melody in the second half.

Grand Reproach, which will be released May 26, can already be pre-ordered on CD and cassette via Ordovician Records. And now, enjoy “Shallow Breath”