Gairo - HER

16 Mar 2022 - Thorsten

Genre: Post-Metal

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The very first note is usually the most important one as it decides whether we want to continue listening or not. With the first Gairo-track I heard I knew I would love the rest. A bit psychedelic, a bit folksy and yet foreshadowing and telling you that there will be something else “behind” this entrance of calmness - a whirlwind of riffs and force. Welcome to HER.

My goodness, Italy has given us so many exciting post-metal bands in the last few years, it’s hard to see: Cultro, Postvorta, Void of Sleep, Nero di Marte and now Gairo. Their sound is as appealing as the ones of their fellow countrymen. Yet it is a bit more psychedelic and ritualistic, of course a good thing if you got a trademark or your own. The album HER will be released in a few days via Drown Within Records, the pre-orders are already up. And they are running, so you might want to go for it soon.

But, ‘nuff said, please enjoy Gairo’s new album HER#

[Photo credit: Giuseppe Aledda]