Song_premiere Velcros

Velcros - Bitter Lake


Drive. Verve. Power. Urgency. Or: Adolescence. Youthfulness. Mindlessness. Carelessness. One of these two sides does not describe the new record by Leipzig, Germany-based trio Velcros and yes, you are right, it’s the second one. Even though might also see the one word in both groups that we could exclude - want to find out which one? Well, follow the premiere for their new single “Bitter Lake” here on Veil of Sound!

The trio surely has a lot of verve and drive and the way that “Bitter Lake” kickstarts right in the middle of the action is very urgent, for sure. The spirit we get is one of these Power-Pop pioneers of the 80s like Hüsker Dü or the Replacements but there is also that tiny bit of noisey-ness that characterized the Minutemen or Mission of Burma. This kind of youthful sprinting along, not caring about anything other than their own (somewhat adolescent) development. One might have noticed that the two words I excluded on both sides are “power”, because they do not have to play with their muscles to re-assure themselves of their position and strength. Nor do they only think of themselves in a narcissistic way, they are not “mindless” in the sense of not caring about others. They just simply enjoy each other’s company and the music that jumps out of their instruments and right through your speakers to catch you and remain in your ears for quite some time. THAT way the song surely speaks for their music, for them and for itself. Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

You can pre-order the record via the Crazysane Records’ shop and right now, right here you can enjoy “Bitter Lake”: