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Brave Arrows - Mourning Underground


Those who follow VoS closely will know the name Brave Arrows already because we have featured the band around Michael Socrates early on in our existence as a zine. And just like the last time, when we premiered their earlier release, we are more than happy to premiere the whole record of this If These Trees Could Talk side project!

Ohio-based Post-Rock project Brave Arrows is one of the side-projects of Michael Socrates, whom you might know from Cinematic Post-Rock pioneers If These Trees Could Talk and who is like a Jack of all Trades that simply cannot sit down. Brave Arrows allowed us to premiere their first EP and mastermind Michael himself wrote a guest review on Stabbing Westward’s Wither, Blister, Burn + Peel so we might call him a VoS-alumni by any means. Brave Arrows are now returning with a new release, their full-length Mourning Underground which will be available on all streaming services tomorrow and whose physical copies will be released via Moment of Collapse Records. The new record shows the band doing what they do best - wonderful melodies, epic arches, great guitar lines and tunings to die for. Normally Friday 13th is a bad day for superstitious people, but this time around it will be a great day for all lovers of good Post-Rock! Enjoy the premiere!

Moment of Collapse’s webstore is the place to be for all those who want to buy the really nice vinyl version of the record! If you are from the States, then Post.Recordings is there just for you.