Double Premiere - Madness / Morgen

Antzaat / Ronarg - Madness / Morgen


Admittedly, Black Metal in its rather athmospheric branches is one of our head honcho’s favorite soundscapes. However, there is nothing wrong with some gold old fashioned, classic-stylized Black Meal (not wanting to use the trve terminology). Therefore this split between two Belgian dark Black Metal powerhouses Antzaat and Ronarg is a welcome different shade of icy black. Enjoy!

This record is a huge step forward for Antzaat band member Ronarg, who not only performs as part of the hell-unleasing and sun-subduing quartet but this time he also steps up front, for the first time, to release music under his own moniker. Therefore the four tracks on the b-side of Madness / Morgen are the first taste we get of his solo stuff. And here you get your initial dose of Ronarg music. “De Vreemdeling” (“the Stranger”) is a wonderfully clear (not clean!!!) Black Metal tornado which will first ice-spray your eartunnels and then use a nice ice-pick to clean out the dirt not minding the cuts. Antzaat on the other hand have already released one full length and an EP since 2017 and one must admit that their approach to harrowing and horrifying Black Metal infused with Lovecraftian topics is a strong one. When their former songs might have touched upon the great dark Bard’s work, then our premiere today, “Shores of Madness” is a clear reference to Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness”, which was first published in 1936.

The record will be self-released next week Friday, May 17th and if you want to, you can already pre-order your copy herepre-order your copy here. For now, dive deep into the dark seas, freeze yourself to hell and use the two songs to pull you up again! Trve. (oh damn, I said it.)

Antzaat - “Shores of Madness”

Ronarg - “De Vreemdeling”</i>