Song_premiere The_black_garden_circus

The Black Garden Circus - Melograno


The video is based on a track from the band´s upcoming sophomore album, Epochè which is out on Friday, November 3rd. This is Post-Rck as its most inventive, diverse, and emotional. The guitar, bass, and drum fuse together in a glissading and shimmering soundscape, and is a taste of what is waiting for you at the album.

The video´s director, Antonio Zannone about the ideas behind the video: “The pomegranate is a fruit with symbolic and mystical meanings, it symbolizes resurrection and eternal life. But it is also the fruit of friendship, fruitfulness, and concord. In the video, a woman grieving a major loss, in order to cope with the grieving process, decides to plant a pomegranate tree. For this is how it is done in the imaginary world in which she lives: when a loved one dies, one wears a colorful dress and goes on a long journey on foot in the search of a place to plant a tree.” The actress in the video is Dacia D’Acunto.

The band writes: “This video has been made to give tribute to our beloved friend Paolo, the guitarist of The Black Garden Circus, who is no longer among us.”

You can pre-order the album here!