Interview with Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhythmia, Gorguts and many more)

Kevin Hufnagel - Interview


“Kevin Hufnagel is an American musician, based in NYC. He is known for his solo guitar works, for forming the progressive instrumental rock/metal band Dysrhythmia, and for being a member of Gorguts, Vaura, Sabbath Assembly, Veldune, and Byla. He also is a full time guitar instructor, teaching both in-person and virtually.” (source) That’s what Wikipedia has to say about our guest today and it sounds soooo boring, as if a sheer enumeration would be able to show how important Kevin is for today’s Progressive Metal scene as founding father of Dysrhythmia and as a member of so many other bands that transcend that realm by so much (also that enumeration is not even complete!). Dysrhythmia will be releasing a new record (Coffin of Conviction) in a few weeks (pre-orders are already up at their Bandcamp page, link below) and it is Dysrhythmia at its best - even though they changed their songwriting approach a bit this time, in order to keep it fresh. We talk in detail about the new record, we also talk about some of the bands mentioned above AND we have a big surprise in store for you! Enjoy!

“Merch of the Day”: Jeremiah Cymerman, Chat Pile, FYEAR

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[photo credit: Katie Lewellyn]