Interview with Uniform

Uniform - Interview


Boris - a name like thunder. Uniform - lightning strikes. Boris & Uniform together = a quite explosive mixture, right? Listening to their collaboration Bright New Disease is not necessarily lightning in a bottle or a molotov cocktail but rather a high-profile combining of forces which results in a record that never lets you down and exceeds expectations. One can hear the Japanese masters and also the elements by our beloved New Yorkers potioners. Having a chance to get to talk with Uniform about the record and a lot of others things? Yes, no question! Enjoy our interview!

Our talk with Ben and the Mikes from Uniform was a deep dive into how to write and record a collaborative record (not a record with two bands doing different sides of a vinyl record) if both bands are on two different continents with a lot of miles in between and how that impacted the whole process. Additionally, we spoke about the pandemic and the way it influenced the record directly or indirectly, which other artist to collaborate with, how awesome some ticket selling companies are and much much more.

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