Interview with Oxbow

Oxbow - Interview


Love’s Holiday is the latest record by Oxbow, one of the seminal bands of the last 40 years. Admittedly, they’re quite a bands’ band in the sense that many musicians seem to tumble over each other praising the San Francisco outfit for their no-compromises approach to music and oftentimes simultaneously genre-defying and genre-defining records, think of King of the Jews or The Thin Black Duke! Having been given the chance to talk with the band about the upcoming album was not to be denied, especially since we got all band members together!

No-nonsense-no-bullshit-noise-rock, that’s what most people think when they hear the name Oxbow. One thing the band never understood is, why not many people recognized many of their songs to be about life’s longest-running theme: love. They have now recorded a whole caleidoscope of love songs, looking at the ultimate motif from different angels and angles. We also spoke about their favorite love songs, the videos they are making for every song on the record and the way that they are looking forward to getting people’s reactions to the album, which might also lead to the audience reflecting on their expectations to a band who never cared too much about them anyway. But also of course about much much more.

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