Interview with jeffk

jeffk - Interview


Post-Rock bands have a tendency to elongate songs into infinity by repeating parts over and over again - it can become boring at times. Therefore it is pretty refreshing to hear a band doing Post-Rock but without these redundancies - even though there are also a lot really good ones out there who write long songs that are not redundant. One of these bands for Post-Rock lovers with short attention spans is surely jeffk from Leipzig, Germany, who has recently released their new record TAR and who were so kind to sit down with us and talk about the record and so much more!

When we were able to premiere “Fingers” from jeffk earlier this year, the reactions were as positive as we would have loved them, which was evident right from the start, because the song is just amazing. Uplifting and yet not over-the-top, heavy but not overly crushing, and performed by three musicians who each know what they are doing with their mix of Maserati and Mogwai. Who would have thought that Post-Rock is not the guys’ go-to-genre? That and so much more we found out while talking to jeffk which you will hopefully enjoy as much as the ever-growing TAR!