Playlist Thedevilsmouth_feb23

Playlist #VoSxTDM SP5 by The Devil's Mouth


One says there is a certain number of repetitions necessary to internalize a new process. Having repeated our collab with The Devil’s Mouth five times now, this has become a staple for us and for you out there. This time, José and Thorsten take on the 2003, a year many think not to have been a really great one, but they surely dug up a lot of treasures for that year!

As mentioned with the last playlists already, let’s dig deep and search for smaller themes because as the two are nerds at heart, they’ll still find enough stuff to keep your ears busy. Busy because the older listeners will revisit some records and songs and the younger ones will find amazing stuff they might have never heard of! Visit the Devil’s Mouth substack to see Thorsten’s picks but right here, right now you can see that José picked very diverse stuff like Darkthrone, Azure Ray, Early Day Miners, Burnt By The Sun, Willard Grant Conspiracy or Keelhaul - and those are only 6 out 30 songs!