Interview with Brutus x Psychonaut

08 Jan 2023 - Thorsten

So we are pretty sure you enjoyed our interview marathon between XMas and New Years - if not check our YouTube Channel for those conversations with Jarboe, Sunflo’er, Dale Crover, drowse and Noah Landis (Tension Span)! nonetheless, that marathon is over, it’s a new year and we got a new format for you, which we will try to bring frequently but irregularly - two bands interviewing each other. And how awesome is this first edition with Brutus and Psychonaut?! Two Belgian bands who released mindblowing albums late last year and now we got them here on together on our channel!

Yeah that’s right, they will interview each other and we will be hosting those sessions. So, those bands should be kinda interested in each other and take some time to come up with questions for each other. Of course, we also ask a few questions, but only a very few to make sure these bands get to know what they want to know.

In order to kickstart a format, one should have a great first edition. We think we got one of the most interesting combos possible at the moment: Two bands from mighty Belgium, two bands that know each other pretty well and who also got highly interesting questions for each other. If you want to know how well-connected they are, when they first shared a stage and what drives both bands - check out this brilliant interview - Brutus x Psychonaut, ladies and gentlemen!

[Photo Credit: Jorin Bukosky]