Terror - Pain Into Power

05 May 2022 - Sebastian

Hardcore | End Hits Records / Pure Noise Records | Release date: 06 May 2022

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Terror are not known for their monumentally long records and Pain Into Power certainly does not diverge from that path. With ten songs and a runtime of under 20 minutes it should be pretty clear that the band knows how to condense their messages into songs as poignant as possible.

While I am writing this, the album plays in the background and now I am already songs deep, with only the intro written. It is difficult to keep up with the pace Terror set. Right from the get-go the band takes no prisoners. The title track calls for brotherhood and the ”Terror Crew”. The tempo is as unrelenting as ever and after not even a minute we already get thrust into the next song.

”Unashamed” can be seen as a statement. Whatever happened in the past 20 years of Terror’s existence, Scott Vogel stands up to the choices he made and the obstacles he faced and overcame. The speed in which every musician delivers their parts is just incredible throughout the album. It is the aggression that really makes this album special. If you’re looking for some space to take a breath, look elsewhere. These are 20 minutes filled to the brim with fast guitars, blast beats and Vogel’s aggressive voice.

Songs like ”One Thousand Lives” also show how groovy, yet brutal Terror can be. ”Can’t Let It Go” on the other hand is just pure destruction. The meanest song on the album is obvious from the start though, when you see that there is one track that features George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher and this song is ”Can’t Help But Hate”. Fisher’s voice is so distinct and really blends in perfectly with the violence Terror unleash in this song.

Pain Into Power for sure is not an album for the faint of heart. It is raw, violent and just so enjoyable. Terror prove once more that they really know their craft. ”Prepare For The Worst” definitely isn’t true when talking about this record. However, one should not expect a long review to an album so condensed and short.