Interview with Phal:Angst

Phal:Angst - Interview


It is always fun to be told by a band that what you thought about anything related to the group (track or record titles, name of the band, artwork etc) is completely wrong - maybe valid in other circumstances but mostly completely wrong. This happened, when I interviewed Phal:Angst. Where was I wrong? Well, listen to our interview with the band. Then you will also find out what Joy Division has to do with Japanese fish.

Whiteout is a record which plays with expectations - as it oscillates back and forth between Doomjazz, Post-Rock, Synthwave, Industrial and Post-Punk. At the same time these guys have a very distinct sound (a sort of melange, if you will) and agenda (anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-hate, anti-xenophobia - basically they are completely right with opposing any kind of blue-brown bullshit). I had the pleasure to talk with two of them and to find out how the band is working, writing and conceptualizing.

You can listen to Whiteout, the latest full-length by these Viennese sound masters here on Bandcamp and read up on it via our review! Enjoy!