Bossk -

10 Sep 2021

These are just some of the artists/records I have been listening to recently. Some old, some new, some inspired the writing of Migration and newer material, some are a constant source of inspiration for me personally and will never come out of rotation. I wanted to showcase a few great UK artists/bands such as Dvne who we are hitting the road with in December, or Teethgrynder - the multi-talented Jay Thurley - who I started working with during the start of the first lockdown and Palm Reader who have been friends of the band for some time and have released a fantastic record Sleepless, Josh the vocalist laid down vocals for our track “HTV-3”.

Bossk released their latest album Migration (here is Simon’s review on it) a few weeks ago and you can check it out on Spotify or on Bandcamp. We also featured a demonically detailed, immensely informative and highly entertaining interview with the band.