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There are way too many records released every week - which one should you listen to? We want to help you by reviewing lots of records every week and you can also check out a little teaser before reading the whole thing. And if you want to, you can also browse through our archive and have a look at the amazing records you might have missed out on.

  • Kali Malone - All Life Long

    26 Feb 2024 - Stephan
    Modern ClassicalExperimentalDrone

    Dear VoS Ultras, is an artist with a recent feature in the New York Times even still underground enough for this platform? In case of Kali Malone I would say yes, since despite almost unanimous critical praise the composer/organist still operates at the minimalistic fringes of every musical realm she touches.

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  • A Burial at Sea - Close to Home

    23 Feb 2024 - Knut

    A flow of unhurried contemplative music through subtle misty, sometimes elusive, sonics. The cascades of distorted, yet translucent crescendos. The omnipresent timbre of glimmering melodic Post-Rock. All of that and more is fused into the ten tracks on the astounding second full-length from this musical collective.

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  • Dream Unending & Worm - Starpath

    22 Feb 2024 - Thorsten
    Funeral Doom

    There is certainly a red thread going on here: 20 Buck Spin‘s last record of 2021 was Dream Unending‘s wonderful Tides Turn Eternal. 20 Buck Spin‘s last record of 2022 was WORM‘s amazing Blue Nothing EP. 20 Buck Spin‘s last record of 2023 was Dream Unending teaming up with WORM for a powerful split record named Starpath and my god, if they do a real collaboration for the end of 2024 – I think that record might be one of the very highlights of the year. Listen to this record here to get what I mean!

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  • Spectral Voice - Sparagmos

    14 Feb 2024 - Gökhan
    Funeral DoomDeath Metal

    Rituals have been with us since the Paleolithic era, stretching back to tens of hundreds of thousands of years ago. It is highly likely that the act of repetitive rituals was one of the earliest documented forms of collective behavior in the history of humankind. Sometimes a sacrifice to the gods, sometimes to send a loved one to another plane of existence. Music in its various forms, whether being performed by a throat singing shaman, a chanting of a “church” choir accompanied by an organ, or a simple rhythm that comes out of a crudely made percussion, has always been an integral part of these endeavors.

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  • Bipolar Architecture - Metaphysicize

    12 Feb 2024 - Daria

    This February marks a comeback from one of those bands that we will surely have to keep an eye on in the next future! Bipolar Architecture presents its sophomore album Metaphysicize, released via one of those music labels that is always synonymous with good quality: Pelagic Records!

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  • Slift - Ilion

    08 Feb 2024 - Simon
    Psych RockSpace Metal

    Slift return with a monolithic slab of the finest music to transport you to the edges of the Cosmos!

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  • Solbrud - IIII

    07 Feb 2024 - Lucia
    Atmospheric Black Metal

    There are four classical elements within nature: Wind, Water, Earth and Fire. Just like these elements bring something of their own to nature, the four members of Solbrud bring something unique and phenomenal to IIII making this band one that has a unique take on creating atmospheres and patterns in their music. Delivering slow moments of tranquility, just to take you into ones full of fiery rage. This is not just an album, it’s an experience and a journey through various and diverse emotions that all come to make this an amazing listen from start to finish.

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  • Chapel of Disease - Echoes of Light

    06 Feb 2024 - Martin
    Classic RockDeath Metal

    Change is inevitable. Everything is possible. Embrace deathtastic Classic Rock!

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  • Vægtløs - Aftryk

    01 Feb 2024 - Knut
    BlackgazeBlackened Post-Hardcore

    A cacophony of emotional atmospheric metal music oozes from the yearning arpeggios and tremolos. The melodies swirl, the music swells and rushes as the bass and drums drive the anguished vocal screams from strength to strength.

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  • Kariti - Dheghom

    31 Jan 2024 - Daria
    Dark Folk

    Long time no see, but we’re definitely back at work! This year 2024 is going to be another year filled with good music, and I can’t wait to listen to it, the expectations are high! So, there’s no better way to start this new year of reviews than with one of those records that will surely be one of my favorites for the next few months!

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  • Minerall - Bügeln

    29 Jan 2024 - Stephan
    Space Rock

    Three prestigious members of the contemporary German-speaking Kraut Rock scene met in January 2023, set up their stuff in Hanover (So please read all this in the voice of either Klaus Meine or ex-chancellor Gerhard Schröder!), pressed record and just went wherever the moment would take them.

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  • Uragano - LP1

    27 Jan 2024 - Knut

    With a band name translating to hurricane, you expect turbulence as a listener; a rollercoaster of a listening experience. You get that and even more when you are dragged into the vortex of Uragano´s music.

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  • Olhava - Sacrifice

    26 Jan 2024 - Knut

    A force of meditative, hypnotic, mesmerizing, emotive, beautiful, uplifting music - Olhava.

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  • Kalt Vindur - Magna Mater

    24 Jan 2024 - Knut
    Atmospheric Black Metal

    Inspired by the ancient deity of Cybele and influenced by the second wave of Black Metal, the Poles discharge their vehement magnus opus in their third full length for those of us who cannot get enough of fierce undulating Black Metal.

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  • Jarhead Fertilizer - Carceral Warfare

    23 Jan 2024 - Gökhan
    Death MetalCrust-Punk

    What would happen if Regurgitate and Incantation had a love child who was covered in so much slime at birth, thrown out on the streets in their infancy, grew up learning how to fight, full of scabs, who got meaner and meaner and turned into a mutant freak by the age of 16? Well, Jarhead Fertilizer definitely would have happened, that is for damn sure.

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  • Kara Delik - Singularities I-IV

    20 Jan 2024 - Stephan
    Post PunkKrautrockAnatolian RockDub

    It’s January and I know everybody’s transitioning from retrospective into expectant mode. Nonetheless here comes one more throwback to the whole year 2023 - yet merely focussed on only one group this time. Different than usual this review isn’t about one release, but a whole four-part series of seven inches which Kara Delik released from February to December of last year.

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  • Yersin - The Scythe Is Remorseless

    18 Jan 2024 - Lucia

    If you want to listen to an album with a thunderous might, you definitely need to listen to Yersin’s The Scythe Is Remorseless as this has the speed, harshness, delivery and intensity you would expect from an album that has mixed Crust, Thrash and Grindcore in a very amazing amalgamum that almost feels like one swift strike of death’s scythe. They achieve this in a way that will leave you speechless, almost as if it takes over, not able to help it as it commands you to just start stomping your feet or headbanging.

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  • Slow - Ab​î​mes I

    12 Jan 2024 - Thorsten
    Funeral Doom

    Arriving a tad-bit late to that minute hype revolving around Slow is not a negative thing in the sense that the Belgian duo is in no hurry at all. For them it seems as if the way is the proverbial goal and not the arrival, thus whenever you join, the welcome will be the same. Whether you want to join depends on you, but as soon as you step foot into this world of sparkling darkness and warm descents your wish to leave might diminish, for the Funeral Doom of records like Abîmes I, their latest, is simply, astonishingly good.

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  • Gilded Form - s/t

    10 Jan 2024 - Thorsten

    This record connects worlds that never wanted to be connected – Ambient and Drone on the one side and on the other Latin and Psychedelic. The effect can best be described with a color: Golden. Thus, the name of this project is as fitting as it might be. The three musicians are atop of their game, their sound is perfect, the warmth is mesmerizing and one might not want to stop listening!

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  • Soars - Repeater

    08 Jan 2024 - John O. (former writer)

    Sweden-based SOARS (Kristian Karlsson of Cult of Luna and pg.lost) has released its second synth driven Post-Rock record, Repeater - a sublime collection of cinematic and grandiose songs. While there are the occasional vocal melodies sprinkled throughout, these Post-Rock instrumentals with a synth driven twist conjure dark atmospheres and bright pinnacles.

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  • Music in Low Frequencies - Catharsis

    06 Jan 2024 - Knut
    DoomSludge Metal

    In 2014, the Portuguese trio released their debut album Sowing the Seed writing in the liner notes that the album was from a band ”still in search of our musical identity.”. Nine years later, they yank you towards themselves with the musical vigor of a very mature band building heavy and engaging music around seven poems with their second full-length album.

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  • Shipwreck Karpathos - Being Human

    04 Jan 2024 - Thorsten

    Those of you who follow VoS closely have heard my words a few days ago during our interview with Aaron Turner that we like to “go in with a bang” and what would be better for starting my review year of 2024 with a review of a Post-Rock record that really occupied my player for many weeks at the end of last year? Right, nothing probably. Thus this review of Being Human by Shipwreck Karpathos is one hell of a start for me. And for those who still have some catching up to do – this is also a great start for you!

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  • Metide - Erebos

    03 Jan 2024 - Gene

    A brutal beauty through and through!

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  • Lockstep - Arrival

    02 Jan 2024 - Daria

    Any sonic seeker here? Be prepared because we’re going to dive into the otherworldly soundscape of Lockstep! The Nashville-based band’s debut EP Arrival, self-released earlier this year, is a well-balanced record that puts together Post-Rock, Shoegaze, a little bit of heaviness and a cup of spacey, almost-ethereal sounds.

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  • Oro - Vid Vägs Ände

    22 Dec 2023 - Knut
    Atmospheric Sludge Metal

    I wrap up this year with anger, anguish, existentialism, and soaring dense emotional music by the hands of the Swedes Oro.

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