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There are way too many records released every week - which one should you listen to? We want to help you by reviewing lots of records every week and you can also check out a little teaser before reading the whole thing. And if you want to, you can also browse through our archive and have a look at the amazing records you might have missed out on.

  • Tzompantli - Beating the Drums of Ancestral Force

    20 May 2024 - Lucia
    Blackened Death MetalDeath-Doom

    Have you ever wondered what the perfect soundtrack for battle is? Look no further, as Tzompantli’s Beating the Drums of Ancestral Force is full of skull crushing drums and heavy riffs that will make the enemy run for their lives. This album combines powerful Death Doom mixed with Native/Indigenous traditional instruments that make Tzompantli’s music unique. It achieves an element that almost sounds like what you might hear whilst ascending the steps of an Aztec temple, on your way to becoming a sacrificial offering to the gods and knowing that your head will be next one to be added to the rack.

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  • Agriculture - Living Is Easy / The Circle Chant

    20 May 2024 - PBV
    Black MetalPost-Black Metal

    The stamp that adorns the visage of the front cover of Living Is Easy recalls a joyous dance akin to the vibrating figures of a Keith Haring mural during the most violent years of Alphabet City.

    When folks speak of the golden pastures of “The Flenser Sound” there are plenty of visuals that evoke out of the darkness—perhaps the hard edge of frame of an expressionist painting, or a major chord coloring a void into infinity. The sensibility may feel “West Coast” with a sunny beam traveling up a side of City Hall or tracing the curves of the Capitol building, but the geography of these two EPs are much more nuanced. The first nuance is the dissonant entity of Brandeis and Ehnahre—the academy and brutality in collision. The second nuance is the seemingly literal but not so literal ode to horticulture, which recalls lush open fields, hummingbirds drinking from the stream and blood red tomatoes.

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  • SOOMA - Drü

    17 May 2024 - Daria

    Even though I’m based geographically near Switzerland, there are few acts from there that reached my music bubble beyond the Alps. One of those is for sure Peter Kernel, and if you’re into fresh new Art-Rockish acts you have to check them out for sure. This link is useful for me to introduce my newest discovery from Switzerland (apart from the recent Eurovision winner, but that’s another story), since this band I’m going to talk about shared the stage with Peter Kernel in the past: SOOMA.

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  • Reka - Decadence

    17 May 2024 - Knut
    Atmospheric SludgePost-Metal

    A twenty-minute masterpiece of Post-Metal with stunning ambiance from probably one of the most overlooked bands on the scene although, arguably one of the most excellent and interesting .

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  • Dopethrone - Broke Sabbath

    10 May 2024 - Simon
    Sludge Metal

    Dopethrone come out swinging on their latest monolithically heavy album, are you ready?.

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  • Goodbye Meteor - We Could Have Been Radiant

    05 May 2024 - Thorsten

    Goodbye Meteor is one of these bands that should be huge among genre-fans. Whoever loves well-made Post-Rock will probably already have fallen in love with the band from the north of France, close to the Belgian border, thus also close to the Europesan epicenter of Post-Rock called dunk!Records. The wonderful people there also released We Could Have Been Radiant and even though the first press is sold out, I still want to try and convince more people into listening to this record. Why? Because it shines.

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  • Inter Arma - New Heaven

    03 May 2024 - Thorsten
    Blackened Sludge Metal

    Inter Arma from Richmond, Virginia, have always been a sensational band – but with their new release New Heaven they definitely did not take a small step but a giant leap (for all of metal mankind). This record combines all their quality elements known before and adds some new parts that make it stand out even more. Huge record! One of the best of 2024!

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  • Ba'al - Soft Eyes (EP)

    02 May 2024 - Knut
    Atmospheric Sludge MetalPost Metal

    The Sheffielders Ba’al are back four years after their triumphant Ellipsism with a bolder, more visionary musical scope taking their music further into Atmospheric Sludge Metal sonics.

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  • Kollapse - AR

    30 Apr 2024 - Lucia

    Kollapse’s AR is to me like a scar that seems healed on the surface, but below the tissue, there’s still something deep in that wound that is infected. They manage to pour in all of the visceral emotion that makes this album an intense listen: threatening, but at the same time inviting the listener to share this experience with them. To face the ugly and the grime, while at the same time digging deep and enjoying their unique and abrasive sound.

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  • Louise Lemón - Lifetime of Tears

    26 Apr 2024 - Stephan
    SoulAlternative Rock

    Feeling tired of soulful female Pop stars in skimpy outfits almost exclusively singing about relationships and break-ups? Rejoice as I give you a Swedish Pop singer, clad in black lingerie and high-heel boots, and her long-awaited new album, on which she’s downright obsessed with love, hurt, heartbreak and heal… Ok, I confess that sometimes I just make a lousy salesman.

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  • Fall of Leviathan - In Waves

    24 Apr 2024 - Knut
    Post RockPost Metal

    The Swiss quintet has released a cinematic album dedicated to the ocean in all its unpredictable majestic splendor mixing the tenderness of Post-Rock and the dense heaviness of Post-Metal.

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  • Slowenya - The Wild Inevitable

    17 Apr 2024 - Knut

    A brave genre-bending album soaked in the heaviest and slowest Doom with delightful dissonant parts reeking of grinding Industrial Metal seeped with gloomy Darkwave synth sampling.

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  • DOOL - The Shape Of Fluidity

    12 Apr 2024 - Martin
    Dark Alternative Metal Rock

    Soul Searching Sun

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  • Full Earth - Cloud Sculptors

    10 Apr 2024 - Stephan
    Psychedelic RockStoner RockProgressive Rock

    Machines of incomprehensive size and age, molten into shape by the heat of the Earth’s core, now hovering in the empty sky and throwing monumental shadows over the yet uninhabitated tectonic plates. Fueled by cosmic radiation they move unstoppably through the unadorned sphere between the planets’s surface and the endless void of space. Their mission is enormous, scheduled for ages. The outcome is beautiful and one of the many crucial forces which enable the development of life: The creation of clouds.

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  • Henrik Palm - Nerd Icon

    07 Apr 2024 - PBV
    Heavy MetalPost PunkArt Rock

    Henrik Palm, or Henke as lovingly referred to by his friends, has been around the block so much that the block has transformed into a crystal structure of self-reference; with the barman knowing precisely “the usual” when Palm and his collaborators end up being served.

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  • Vnder A Crvmbling Moon - II Aging & Formless

    05 Apr 2024 - Knut
    Atmospheric Sludge Metal

    One year after their first full-length Vnder a Crvmbling Moon have refined their music now releasing an album with meditative, contemplative even dreamy music based on Sludge and Doom.

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  • Fyear - s/t

    03 Apr 2024 - Thorsten
    Conscious RapFree Jazz

    There is a lot of fire to be found on FYEAR’s eponymous debut album which oscillates between the realms of Conscious Rap poetry and fighting Free Jazz that is working with and somehow also representative of the sounds their label Constellation Records is known for. What a debut!

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  • Locrian - End Terrain

    02 Apr 2024 - Thorsten
    Experimental Drone-MetalAvantgarde Noise

    Locrian. A name that should ring like thunder in the ears of everyone who loves unconventional, “uncategorizable” music. There are elements of Shoegaze, Synthwave, Noise, Death Metal, Industrial, Post-Punk and loads more to be found on their newest record End Terrain which to many might be their opus magnum, including yours truly.

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  • The Vulcan Itch - Rise of the Fallen

    31 Mar 2024 - Thorsten
    Stoner Rock

    It’s officially spring! As nature came to life again I also found myself curious to see what’s new in the music realm and so I tried to discover something new, fresh, and also a bit distant from the usual “mood” that I search in music. The Vulcan Itch just released their second full length Rise Of The Fallen this week, a groovy rock album with a pinch of Stoner and Noise-Rock influences.

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  • Civerous - Maze Envy

    30 Mar 2024 - Gökhan
    Blackened Death MetalDoom Metal

    Last year was an unbelievably amazing year for Death Metal, especially for folks whose flavors lie in grimy, nasty section of the menu. We’ve been assured once again that the venom that coats the axes of veterans and stalwarts of the genre is as potent as ever. But the young blood also came up with terrific releases as well. So, after having such a spoiling year I was thinking that 2024 was going to be a relatively slow year for the genre. But oh no. No, sir.

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  • Diabolic Oath - Oracular Hexations

    28 Mar 2024 - Martin
    Black MetalDeath Metal

    Go to hell to feel alive!

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  • Darkestrah - Nomad

    27 Mar 2024 - Knut
    Epic Pagan Black Metal

    With their distinct sonic palette highly recognizable, Darkestrah releases an album 25 years after their inception that does the impossible as it seems to surpass their previous impeccable full-length albums.

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  • Monovoth - Pleroma Mortem Est

    25 Mar 2024 - Stephan
    Funeral Doom

    “Most Of All Is Death” is a Funeral Doom album centered around the subject of Death.

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  • Doodseskader - Year Two

    21 Mar 2024 - Lucia

    Music has its own way of bringing perspective to the different facets of life: to give them not only an outlet, but also to allow for all to come together, bringing some type of solace and relief. Doodseskader combining in one, pouring their life experiences into the music, hitting the listener hard, connecting with the audience and delivering perfection. The softness of the pastel colours meet the brutal sound of their music and the lethal delivery of their honest lyrics, transforming the rage and hurt into something unique. Get ready to be immersed in Year Two.

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  • Reverb on Repeat - Жить

    18 Mar 2024 - Knut
    Ambient | Shoegaze

    Four tracks of melodic meditative, soothing, comforting Ambient-Shoegaze from what can be called a supergroup of the St Petersburg scene.

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