Interview with Takaakira 'Taka' Goto (MONO)

MONO - Interview


One of the bands that do not need any words to lay out all human emotions in front of us is MONO, the band which has now been mesmerizing audiences for 25 years - in our interview he also tells us how many more years the band will continue to do so. MONO has perfected the Post-Rock formula with their own tuning and expansive sound. As soon as we heard that the band was to release their next full-length record Oath we twiddled all our knobs and we are so lucky to have spent 30 minutes with mastermind Taka on the record, on the role of instrumental music as being able to go beyond words, and also on the effect that Covid had on the record. We also dive into some humorous moments and we are happy to give you this wonderful interview with a man so in peace with himself and everything around us that it was a humbling but in no way condescending experience. Enjoy our interview with Taka and tell us which MONO record up to now has been your favorite?

PS: If anyone is wondering, why we do not talk about the unfortunate death of Steve Albini, MONO’s longtime record engineer, please be aware that we filmed this interview several weeks before Steve’s untimely passing.

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[photo credit: RH Photography Design]