Kollapse Ar

Kollapse - AR


Kollapse’s AR is to me like a scar that seems healed on the surface, but below the tissue, there’s still something deep in that wound that is infected. They manage to pour in all of the visceral emotion that makes this album an intense listen: threatening, but at the same time inviting the listener to share this experience with them. To face the ugly and the grime, while at the same time digging deep and enjoying their unique and abrasive sound.

Kollapse is a three-piece band from Aalborg, Denmark and it’s formed by Peter Drastrup (drums) Thomas Martin Hansen (Bass/Vocals) and Peter Clement Lund (Guitar/Vocals). Their previous release, Sult, is an album full of heaviness and personal stories, complimented them with great visuals. AR (Scar) brings that same intensity from its predecessor with an amazing cover painting by Sam Bee.

The record has 6 songs, each of these taking shape into something tortuous and cathartic. They know how to bring the listener close to that raw emotion and pain. This album is a short one, but this simply belies its powerful delivery. It starts with a self-titled track, a cacophonous mix of voices and instruments that bring things to an beautifully unsettling start. Then we go into ”Autofagia”, which was the first single of the record and it’s an immediate headbanger. From this point on, you’ll get to experience their sound Sludgy and Post-Metal with hints of Hardcore and ”Død” is no different, harsh delivery and screaming vocals that will give you goosebumps. My favourite song from this album is ”Form”. The slow start is almost hypnotic, going into the screaming which breaks the calm but fits into the slow pace of the song. The pace increases just slightly, keeping that mood in ”Form” just to break it with well-crafted irregular guitar patterns that make this one a great song. We’ve made it halfway into AR, starting a slow descent into the end of it, but still finding its unsettling sound that is present throughout this one. Next is ”Dekomposition” which proves what I just mentioned, a preparation for the listener to reach the end. The end of this song is immense, the vocals are filled with anguish and emotion, and you can feel like it’s right next to you. ”Kokon” is just the penultimate song and what a way to almost wrap this album up! Its unsettling and the pace of the song ends with piano that feels particularly haunting. AR ends with ”Transformation”, and there’s a very calm and more “settled” start to this song, but don’t be fooled as the emotion is still very raw and doesn’t prepare you for that sudden intensity change after halfway through the song.

The emotion and pain this album carries is palpable. It’s also worth mentioning that the record is proof of how Kollapse really excels at the visuals they present for their releases. AR is also proof that emotions can hide deep but make it into the surface. Whether you’re ready to face the pain or even ready to heal, it’s up to the listener to decide but one thing is for sure, it comes and takes a different shape and it’s here to stay. This is definitely an album that new listeners and fans of their previous stuff will enjoy. Get ready to dig deep into those scars with AR