Interview with Jason Sharpe & Kaie Kellough (FYEAR, Constellation Records, Avantgarde Free Jazz)

FYEAR - Interview


Constellation Records. Badabadoom. That name rings heavily in many people’s ears because of their awesome roster of great bands that have pushed the boundaries of modern music far beyond the known universe. By now CST is like a big family business in Montreal with diverse and famous acts like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Jessica Moss, The Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra or Joyfultalk but also some more unknown ones like Jersualem in My Heart, Siskiyou, Saltland or now FYEAR, which is a new project between Jason Sharp and Kaie Kellough together with several more members oscillating between Free Jazz, Electronica, Drone, Post-Rock, Neoclassical, Conscious Rap, Post-Hardcore and so much more. When we then consider the instruments involved in this record, it is even more amazing. We already gave you a thorough review of the record, now we are able to present you a deep dive in the form of our interview with Jason & Kaie. Enjoy the talk about setups, the Pandemic, the question of ownership of one’s future and so much more. This record should be listened, this project should be put on as many stages as possible and - for you - this interview should be enjoyed!

“Merch of the Day”: Bunuel , Erika Angell

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