Interview with Jonah Matranga (Sons of Alpha Centauri , Far , New End Original , Profound Lore Records)

Jonah Matranga - Interview


There are people who accompany you musically your whole life, maybe they are even of the same or a similar age. You might lose contact to that person’s music once in a while but as you soon as you “re-connect”, there is the same kind of close-ness, of connection, yes, of intimacy. For me, one of these voices is Jonah Matranga’s, whose various projects have always resonated with me, mostly because of his voice which to me is the epitome of Emo, the good kind of Emo, not the shitty stuff that came in the late Aughts which bands who were more into mascara and stupid breakdowns than into making quality music - in his words and his songs there is always that ray of honesty. Now he has lent his skills for a new album with English Post-Stoner-Post-Hardcore veterans Sons of Alpha Centauri. Their first collaboration in 2021 was called Push and this new one is named Pull and believe me there are many pull-factors on these nine songs. Released again via Exile on Mainstream Records, this new record is a bit closer to Jonah’s former combos and therefore the comparisons are obvious. But there is much more to talk about - his collaboration with the Deftones, Star Wars, his work with Far, hair, his connection to Sons of Alpha Centauri and much more. There is even a little quiz and a chance to win something for you all out there! So sit back and enjoy our latest interview!

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(Photo Credit: Kaden Lucas)