Dead_cosmonauts Parasomnia

Dead Cosmonauts - Parasomnia


Dead Cosmonauts invite you to explore beyond the realms of the ordinary with their outstanding album Parasomnia!

In the vast cosmos of contemporary Psychedelic music, Dead Cosmonauts have emerged as an interstellar force (sorry not sorry) with their latest album, Parasomnia. This sonic odyssey transcends the boundaries of conventional Rock, propelling listeners into the outer reaches of a dreamlike dimension. Strap in, fellow cosmic travellers, as we embark on a journey guided by the ethereal soundscape of Dead Cosmonauts.

From the first notes of Parasomnia it’s abundantly clear that Dead Cosmonauts have crafted an auditory experience that defies gravity and challenges the listener to surrender to the gravitational pull of their sonic force. The album’s opening track, “Liminal Space” serves as a celestial overture, luring us into a realm where the boundaries between dream and reality blur. Utilising numerous genres and styles to achieve an emotive exploration of the distant reaches of other realms. It’s not always bright, in fact, most of the time it’s downright disturbing, but then again, when exploring the depths, things are always going to get a bit hairy.

The band’s ability to seamlessly blend hypnotic melodies with intricate instrumentation is nothing short of mesmerizing. “Kenopsia”, the third track on the album, is a prime example of Dead Cosmonauts’ sonic prowess. The interplay between swirling synths, cosmic guitars, and driving rhythms creates an immersive soundscape that invites the listener to join the band in an almost macabre cosmic dance. Pummelling guitars give way to strummed acoustic moments but none of it feel forced but rather organic and almost alive.

As we traverse the vast expanse of Parasomnia Dead Cosmonauts unveil a sonic palette that ranges from pulsating Space-Rock anthems to Ambient interludes that beckon the listener to float weightlessly in the cosmic void. Tracks like the gorgeous “In Spirals It Took Everything” showcase the band’s ability to seamlessly transition between sonic dimensions, crafting an album that feels like a continuous celestial voyage.

Parasomnia is not just an album; it’s a cosmic reverie unleashed. Dead Cosmonauts have masterfully woven together elements of Rock, Metal, Psychedelia, and Ambient music to create a sonic tapestry that transcends the ordinary. Each track is a celestial waypoint, leading the listeners deeper into the cosmos and inviting them to explore the uncharted realms of their own imagination.

Dead Cosmonauts have carved out their own celestial niche with Parasomnia It’s an album that demands to be experienced in its entirety, a sonic voyage that invites the listener to cast aside earthly constraints and embrace the boundless possibilities of the cosmos and all of the wonders and dangers contained therein. So, fellow humans, fasten your seatbelts, close your eyes, and let Dead Cosmonauts guide you through the astral realms, you wont be disappointed.