Interview with Rebecca Vernon (The Keening, SubRosa)

Rebecca Vernon - Interview


SubRosa is dead. Whether we like it or not. Yet their legacy continues as two really good projects have risen from their ashes - one is The Otolith, which we featured heavily on VoS last year and now we have The Keening, which is the new project by Rebecca Vernon. Her new record is coming up next week Friday and therefore we sat down with her and chatted about the new record called Little Bird, about Stevie Nicks and about much more. Enjoy!

Rebecca Vernon has a very personal relationship to her music, one that made her move from Utah to Portland in order to be closer to the personell that was to record the new album (and an upcoming one as well!) with her. She is a thoughtful and templative but fortunately not a silent person. That also reflects in her love for everything Gothic, for the macabre and the morose. We get to know wich is her favorite instrument, as well as how the songs on her album came to live. Enjoy our talk with Rebecca Vernon!

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