Playlist Rylan_gleave_all_men_unto_me

Playlist #92 by Rylan Gleave (All Men Unto Me)


A few weeks ago we reviewed Rylan’s amazing record In Chemical Transit, last Sunday we published an interview with him and today the Gleavestival continues with this playlist containing loads of cool choices - Cocteau Twins, Eartheater, Chat Pile, Big|Brave, Ethel Cain, Nicole Dollanganger, Greet Death or Mrs Piss!

I’ve chosen songs namely that evoke a sense of hollowness, loneliness or mystery. I find this feeling across musical spheres, which is why there is a variety of tracks spanning genres, from the haunting, sparse folk of Burd Ellen, to the urgency and industrial grit of Mrs. Piss. There’s some older tracks in the mix, including Cocteau Twins and Codeine, and some recent releases from healthyliving and Coffin Mulch. There’s a preoccupation with voice, as is maybe to be expected as a vocalist, and especially with singers who have influenced my own practice, including Scott Walker, Nicole Dollanganger, and Maud the Moth. Some hidden gems that were new to me are Kikimora’s Pygmalion, and Lær meg å kjenne dine veie, arranged and recorded by Kim Rystaad, Arve Henriksen, and Tord Gustavsen. There’s a loose shape within the order, mostly aligned with emotional narrative, that hopefully will take the listener on their own journey, and let them extract their own meaning.