Interview with Stephen Brodsky (Mutoid Man, Cave-In and many more)

Stephen Brodsky - Interview


Stephen Brodsky should be a household name in our realms because he’s been in famous bands for close to 30 years - Cave-In, Converge (YES! for a very short time), Droneflower, Old Man Gloom and Mutoid Man to drop a few. His voice and his guitar playing has flavored many of our most beloved records. The last band, Mutoid Man, has released a new record called Mutants a few weeks ago. You can check out our review here, but for us here at VoS that’s not enough, so we talked to Stephen about the new songs, the influences on Mutoid Man and much more.

Mutants is the band’s third full-length (not counting a few shorter releases, including 2014’s Helium Head) but comes after a few years’ silence. We find out what led to this short break, why Stephen loves Prince, which Van Halen album he prefers and why. We talk comics and Indiana Jones and to what extent Mutoid Man is a “fun band”. Enjoy the interview!

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