Interview with Xasthur

Xasthur - Interview


Inevitably Dark might be seen as a return to Black Metal made by Xasthur for some old school fans. However, one might be asking the questions whether Xasthur ever really was “only” Black Metal or if the project has not really been about much more than only BM? When talking to Scott one gets the impression that this record is - for the time being - a momentarily return only because he has already been off to completely different shores.

The new multitude of melodies dispatched by Xasthur might at first spin not fall onto many welcoming ears because accessibility is surely not the record’s stronghold. However, if you give the tracks time, if you spin them repeatedly, you will notice that some of the songs are finding their way into your ears and will stick there, because of the interesting uses of the guitar he lays out on these tracks and also because there are some carefully laid out disruptions within them. Enjoy the interview!

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