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Playlist #89 by Lovely Little Girls


When a band tries to cook up a raucous recipe somewhere between Vaudeville-tunes, Math-elements and some Prog-lines they better do not care about whether people like it - these acts better have a certain Punk attitude. Lovely Little Girls surely do and thus walk in the footstephs of bands like The Tiger Lillies or Cherubs and present us with a playlist containing acts as diverse as Yoko Ono, NoMeansNo, Nuclear Death, Crass, The Residents, Ennio Morricone, Steel Pole Bath Tub or Electric Light Orchestra.

Lovely Little Girls has a vast range of influences. We like to incorporate a lot of it in our work in a non-pastiche sort of way. I have done a lot of radio and music podcasts in which my goal is to connect a lot of disparate music with a tonal and emotional thread. How can I get from Celtic Frost to Esquivel! in 45 minutes and have the progression of events be seamless and organic? I extend this thinking to the way we construct our live shows and album tracking. I hope this playlist brings you on some kind of unexpected journey.