Interview with Steve von Till

Steve von Till - Interview


No Wilderness Deep Enough was surely a different record for Steve von Till - as he also points out in this interview. Wait - interview with Von Till? Yes! We were very fortunate to talk to the man himself, a mere 14 hours before he left for Europe where he will be touring for several weeks starting on Thursday, July 27, in Krakow.

When listening to the record one surely noticed right away how different this record was from earlier SvT records such as As The Crow Flies or A Grave is a Grim Horse - for it basically didn’t feature any track with a centerstage guitar line. Even more, the record wasn’t conceived on the guitar. No the tracks came into being in a very important surrounding for von Till and their core was done in a very different way. Want to know more? More about that and what we can expect on the upcoming tour? About his opinion of Mark Lanegan and David Eugene Edwards? Ólafur Arnalds and Jóhann Jóhannsson? Then check out this interview!

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