Interview with Bell Witch

Bell Witch - Interview


There are bands who you can’t be angry with even though they might overthrow any plans you might have made - Bell Witch is one of them and when thinking back on Roadburn Friday and the massively packed main stage at the 013 - it is clear that many people simply love these guys for what they do as that is massive and miraculous, powerful and poetic. Whenever Jesse and Dylan release a new record, the scene is listening and justifiedly so, thus we needed to get an interview with the guys! Enjoy!

Future’s Shadow Part 1: The Clandestine Gate might have come out of the blue when they announced it three days ahead of that RB performance and yet, it’s not only the level of surprise which is exciting about these 85 minutes, but also the music itself. It is a new chapter in the band’s history as it opens a trilogy of records and also as there are some small, yet really cool new features to the epic version of Doom that one should not overlook. Therefore we are happy to talk on a very, very philosophical level about “the occult”, the new record, the experience at Roadburn this year, Jesse’s new kit and much much more. Enjoy!

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