Interview with Evan Patterson (Jaye Jayle)

Umlaut - Interview


A few weeks from now, the new record by Jaye Jayle will hit the (digital) shelves and we were quite taken with it, because it fits like a glove to what we like. No, this is not Avantgarde Death Black Gothic Post-Drum’n’Bass, this is music without real borders, but for everyone who loves music for the soul. This is music in the vein of Edwards, Cohen, Johnson. Music that speaks directly to your core and that has the potential of becoming a cult classic - so you join before the hype sets in. Enjoy our interview with Evan Patterson and the many things he tells us about the record, its process and much more.

Evan is surely not anybody in our little global scene as many of his bands have become well-known: The National Acrobat, Breather Resist, Black Cross, Black Widows, Young Widows and for a few years he’s writing and publishing music as Jaye Jayle. What that name means is also explained in our interview, as well as why the new music has such a hopeful, wonderful, soulful sound in all its splendour and what Ben Chisholm has to do with it. Enjoy!