Playlist #87 by Innerwoud


Innerwoud is the stage moniker for Belgian neo-classical cello and bass player Pieter-Jan Van Assche who is also know for his collaborations with Treha Sektori (Dehn Sora) and BARST and who is also a member of the Church of Ra, the collectiver formed around Blackened Post-Metal powerhouse Amenra. Pieter-Jan compiled a highly interesting playlist for us: He included classical tracks by Carlos Cipa or Edward Elgar, but otherwise his love for Post-related music shines bright on this one with track by Fall of Efrafa, The Black Heart Rebellion or Hundred Year Old Man - all garnished with some wonderful tracks by Lankum, Soap & Skin and The Pirate Ship Quintet. Enjoy!

A short playlist with a fair amount of variation, which is also a good reflection of my taste and the music that inspires me. It includes several tracks that revolve around the cello, such as the one by Icelandic project Lost in Hildurness, which showed me what is possible with looping and a string instrument like the double bass. Generally, I tend to listen to dark and introspective music, but I also enjoy harder music with an anti-establishment message, like Fall of Efrafa, which I listen to on a daily basis through speakers or headphones during long walks through nature. Classical music, such as the work of Elgar, and contemporary piano compositions by Carlos Cipa, have also been pleasing me for years and are a significant influence on the music I create. Finally, there are also a few top Belgian bands, such as the unfortunately defunct Black Heart Rebellion, with one of my favorite tracks, “Body Breakers”, because the pulse and rhythms sound both exotic and Post-Rock. “Dust” by the Belgian band Brutus is another song that goes in all directions, and I have been deeply impressed by it since its release.