Interview with Michael Tau

Michael Tau - Interview


A few weeks ago we published an excerpt from Michael Tau’s book Extreme Music which deals with many aspects of music of the extreme kind, which does not necessarily mean that this is a chronology of Grindcore or Brutal Tech Death Slam Metal. Neither is he seeking out the most Avantgardish Throatsinging Mongolian or Himalayan Yak-bone-instrumented Noise-Pop, but he tries to define what is extreme music. We wanted you to send in some questions and we are happy we got several really good ones to ask Michael in this interview! Nerds of the world unite!

Michael Tau might not seem like a savant of extreme music, but he surely is as Thorsten had to admit in the interview himself not knowing several of the artists mentioned by Michael in Extreme Music. Therefore this book might also be seen like the beginning of a voyage for everyone who wants to go down a rabbit hole trying to find unheard-of music (some old, some new) and that might also be the best way to “read” this book. Sit down, read and try to catch up on some of the bands and acts dropped in here before you continue reading. But before you do this - enjoy the interview with Michael!