Playlist #86 by Sunflo'er


Sunflo’er are everybody’s darlings here at VoS - thus we were highly excited when the guys from Upstate New York (a town named Potsdam where Wes Craven once taught!) gave us this playlist full of cool stuff, some a bit wondrous, some totally serious. Enoy!

Sunflo’er listens to a lot of butt rock along the drive to a show. Part of this is because we love to get a rise out of each other by trying to play the worst song but also because we love it. When asked to compile a playlist for our friends in Veil of Sound, by some miracle, the resulting playlist did not end up sounding like those drives. The following collection of songs will actually not be a a colossal waste of bandwidth.

Arranged here is a list of tunes that bounce between members’ personal influences, new discoveries, and plenty of references to bands we’ve met and played with, or hope to play with in our secretest, smelliest dreams.

Blast it and pet a kitty. We love you.