Interview with Postvorta X Ropes Inside A Hole

Postvorta X Ropes Inside A Hole - Interview


After the success of our first double interview with Brutus interviewing Psychonaut and vice versa (still available here) it was clear that this format needs to become a regular staple for us. Since then we have been arranging some of these and here you get the second installment with two of our favorite Italian bands - Postvorta and Ropes Inside A Hole.

Porrima was one of our favorite records back in 2020 (our review here) and the new Ropes Inside A Hole really knocks it out of the park (find Knut’s review here) so this was a natural combination for us and for both bands who do not only know each other very well, but who also released a split record (of course we reviewed it) back in 2021. The guys were totally up for it and therefore this is a wonderful example of how well this format can work. Also notice the little details we can hear about upcoming records from both bands some sooner, some further ahead. For Postvorta we were able to get Andrea, the mastermind and No1-Aaron-Turner-fan worldwide, on the mic and he was joined by Diego and Rocco from Ropes Inside A Hole. Enjoy!