Interview with Kevin Rutmanis (The Cows, The Melvins, hepa.titus and more)

Kevin Rutmanis - Interview


We could start the intro to this interview just like the last one (with Shelby Lermo) because today’s guest is about to do the very same thing - release two very different albums on the same day, on with his band hepa.titus and one with his project Dunn with Rutmanis. Veil of Sound of course took the opportunity to talk with Kevin Rutmanis.

The Cows. The Melvins. Tomahawk. The Fantomas-Melvins Big Band. And so many more projects. We could have spent hours upon hours talking about all of these, but we do not want to be a nostalgia-plagued spot for looking back, but rather talk about the present and future. Kevin’s present is a band called hepa.titus which is performing a shifty, rowdy form of Noise-Rock. Additionally he will release another record with Dunn with Rutmanis, which is a free for all and free form of affairs. The fact that Kevin is one funny guy with a mighty sarcastic kind of humor only made this more entertaining. Enjoy it while it lasts!