Playlist Thedevilsmouth_jan27

Playlist #VoSxTDM SP4 by The Devil's Mouth


Collaborations are important in our times, because what did John Donne say? “No man is an island!” and as we take our old-time-fellows seriously we love working with our parts of the scene and our collab with The Devil’s Mouth and José Carlos is already running well - so long talk, no sense, here it is finally: Edition No. 4 of The Love Collab and this time we have gone a little closer to the initial idea…

The first two playlist-collabs were harsh, quick, mean, to say the least. The third one was pretty mellow and quiet in all its facettes. And now we do what we set out - one topic that at first seems pretty narrow and enclosed, but who are José and me if we ain’t up for a good challenge. We took a good look at the scenes in Potugal, Spain, Italy and Greece, José concentrating on Black Metal from those four countries, while I looked more at the Doom bands from those countries. Here you get José’s Black Metal playlist and over at the Devil’s Mouth substack my Doom choices are on display! And now - keep on rockin and headbangin’ folks!!