Interview with Jarboe (solo, Swans, Neurosis etc.)

Jarboe - Interview


Here we are now - entertain you! The Veil of Sound Xmas-Interview-Marathon 2022 is upon you. We will give you one interview with an amazing artist or band every day. Some will be podcast-only, some text-, several video-based interviews. And of course we want to give you some of the finest and most popular artists around - need proof for that? Well, how about we kick this off with Jarboe! Yes, the one! The lady who certainly changed Michael Gira’s life and Swans’ sound. Who released an awesome collab with Neurosis and so much more!

There is also a very up-to-date-reason for this interview - the re-release of one of her seminal solo-releases: Sacrificial Cake which originally was released nearly 30 years ago. At a time, when it was considered to be a twin-record to Gira’s Drainland (there were even some promo CDs sent out with tracks from both records). The record is mindblowingly different and diverse and doesn’t shy away from tracks that at first glance don’t fit in with the tracks before or after. Nevertheless, there is one thing that connects them all - Jarboe’s voice and musical quality. We talked with her in detail about the record, its songwriting and production, the influence of New York City and much much more! We are very proud to kickstart our hearty VoS-Xmas-Interview-Marathon with this nearly one-hour long interview which you can listen to here straight away or on the streaming platform of your choice:

You can also grab your copy of the re-release of Sacrificial Cake via The Circle Music!

[Photo Credit: M. Lasalle]