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Playlist #24 by Palila


There are three types of music that don’t reinvent the wheels of steel: the one that’s just boring (for the most part), the one that sounds vintage (nostalgia!), and the timeless (quite rare). It’s truly hard to distinguish the last two. Especially when music is touching. We’re Palila from Hamburg and we tend to play and perform classic Indie rock from the 90s to achieve something that’s not boring and timeless at the same time. Our music is the result of three guys - Matthias Schwettmann/guitar & vocals, Christoph Kirchner/bass & backing vocals and Sascha Krueger/drums - who have done, lived and listened to sooooo much music in their lives that they now manage to make their true hearts sound trough the songs without any detour.

In this Spotify playlist you can listen to some of our greatest influences who did the same with their songs and music: these musicians all let loose to gain something that’s purely honest and authentic. We as Palila have thought a lot of which songs to take - the first version of this list was close to 6 hours long and from there on edited over weeks. The ones you now find in this playlist mostly represent also the style and vibe of our upcoming album Rock’n’Roll Sadness, out on November 12 on vinyl, CD and as digital download. On our Spotify page you can already listen to two new singles from the upcoming album. We hope you’ll like the songs as much as we do.

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