Burial Dance - Structures

02 Oct 2021 - Pat O'

Screamo/Post-Punk/Extreme | Moment of Collapse | Release date: 08 Oct 2021

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Created by the exploration of intertwining melodic passages, heavy dissonant riffs and chaotic screams, the captivating sonic narratives of Structures should not be missed. Hold onto anything you can find that’s cemented deep into the ground, as Burial Dance tears up all that’s in its path.

Autumn is now well and truly upon us, with winter deviously hiding behind the masses of fallen leaves, patiently waiting to pounce and deliver its onslaught of wind, rain, snow and ice. Those three months can often be a perturbing time with the days getting shorter, and the nights getting longer. The gloom creeps up on us without apology, forcing us to trudge home after a hard day’s work under the shadow of darkness. Heads can drop and hope is suppressed as we give into winter long before it comes knocking.

So, what’s the other alternative? well, we can try and somehow embrace the season, or at the very least accept its sense of inevitability. It’s simply a case of being prepared, having your winter coat ready, your heavy trodden waterproof boots laced up and of course, essential music to comfort you through the severe winter tide. The latest release from Burial Dance, Structures has just become my first line of defence when it comes to facing the months ahead. With current and ex-members of Au Revoir, The Saddest Landscape, Capacities and A Film In Color, Burial Dance blend atmospheric elements of “post-rock” with the heavy and chaotic elements of “screamo” and “death metal”, producing a juggernaut of a release, that will shake off and instantly melt any ice or snow that may have accumulated.

Structures looks outward to the structural shortcomings of the social, economic, and political infrastructures in the US. Being from the far westerly reaches of Europe, the lyrical content may not directly affect me as much as it does the New Jersey quartet, but the intensity and ferocity used to deliver their message had me absorbed right from the off.

The opening track “False Flag Blues” opens proceedings with a blistering and unapologetic outpouring of anger, angst and perturbation. A fury of influences assaults the senses ranging from the vocal phrasing and delivery of System Of A Down to the sheer speed and power that any “death Metal” band would put their signature to. Screams of “burn your eyes…” see out this short (1min 30sec) but highly addictive track, preparing you for the fight that lies ahead.

“In Frame-Out Of Focus” explodes with screams of despair, partnered with a barrage of drums and tortured guitars. Amidst the chaos, lies a melodic underswell that leads to a momentary lapse in ferocity, giving some sharp lead guitars a moment to breath and soften the mood. It’s ever so brief though, as you’re once again hauled back into a vortex of power, noise and ear-splitting harmonics. The carnage doesn’t end there however, as “Providence” follows with the same emotion and vehemence. It’s another tortured vocal onslaught interwoven with ripping chords and a colossal breakdown that’s reminiscent of Au Revoir’s track “Sinking” from the glorious Veles album.

Just when you think you have come to terms with the severity and gravity of this super charged album, “At What Cost” leans across the table with only one thought on its mind and that’s to assault you once more with its visceral potency!!. The pace is bloody relentless, but the sadist within us all will love every moment of it. Midway through the track it changes direction, becoming more melodic and “post rock” orientated with a rich, dense and almost medieval guitar Interlude. The vocals step back, becoming a distant cry as the track builds to a fascinating finale of interchanging vocal tirades.

My favourite track on the album is also the final track, “Nostromo”. Metal injected riffs seethed in heavy polyphonic structures open the track. More duel narratives rebound and recoil off one another before another welcome interlude arrives. What follows that ebb in the track, is a highly charged and emotive piece of music. The air is now thick and leaden with dark swirling melodies, thundering drums and deep heavy-set bass lines. They act as a portal for the intense and hard-hitting political battle cries, bellowed from a soapbox that towers high above the oppression and all the misdeeds that litter the cities below.

Burial Dance have given us a short but well needed shot in the arm with Structures. Whether the music is used as an escape from the harsh winter ahead, or as respite from the economic turmoil and shit storms that lie ahead, this album will fuel the fire within. We all need an escape from time to time, a way to vent and reset. We also need something grab us by the shoulders and shake the cobwebs of everyday life off us. Structures is a monster of an album and is sure to get you through the harsh times. A blistering release. Moment Of Collapse are also releasing a one sided LP of Structures which will interest all you vinyl fans…yes, mine is ordered!