Interview with CNTS (American Noise Punk, Ipecac Recordings)

CNTS - Interview


There is always that one guy in anyone’s circle of friends who doesn’t care about being called names or displaying vulgar signs of anything. In CNTS there are several of these guys because they are guys who care mostly about one thing - the music they make and the people they make it with. In this case, two of these guys are vocalist Matt and guitarero and mastermind Michael Crain (whom we already interviewed some time ago about his other band Dead Cross with Justin Pearson, Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo). The guys are having a new record out in less than 48 hours, so it’s about time we give you this interview with both - you will get to know a lot about the band itself, the moment, when Matt was told he’d not be able to sing again, more importantly the moment when it came back and how he and the others went about getting new songs together, get them recorded and now out via Ipecac Recordings. The interview shows two men who at first glance do not take themselves seriously (“Ay, c’mon we were panty hoses over our faces!”) but who sure as hell take their music seriously. And there is much more depth to these songs than you might think at first listen - I am sure, you will be surprised when you hear about the meaning of the title track “Thoughts And Prayers”! So, enjoy this interview and make sure to listen to the record on Friday!

And here one of the videos the band is also infamous for:

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