Interview with Ralph Schmidt (Ultha)

03 Apr 2022 - Thorsten

On Friday Ultha released their latest record - AOTY-material if anyone asks me - and it’s a record that demands attention for all its glory. And of course we were honored, when Ralph suggested we could do the only video interview for it, one of only two interviews for the record. Not because of exclusive-ness but because the album is great and offers so much we can and must talk about!

All That Has Never Been True is one of those records which come around not too often, and for a band like Ultha to release such an opus magnum after some turbulent years, a near-split, several new projects by the members of the band and of course, in the middle of this pandemic: This is a glorious return to form and there have been several voices who say that this is the band’s best record to date. But there is so much more to talk about. So don’t worry if your computer is broken, when it says that the length of the interview is over 90 (!) minutes - great things demand for a lot of attention to detail! Enjoy the video-interview or the podcast but most all - enjoy All That Has Never Been True!

(Photo Credit: B/Void Revelations)