Interview with Aidan Baker (Nadja)

Nadja - Interview


VoS-Interview-Marathon 2023 - Day 2 - Aidan Baker (Nadja)

A band whose sound is undefinable, somewhere between Post-Punk, Blues, Drone and Ambient. A band which loves collaboration records, and has already released records together with A Storm of Light, Year of no Light or Fear Falls Burning. A band that lives for their songs and soundscapes - all of that is Nadja, the Berlin-based duo of Canadian expats Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff who release their music on a more-than-one-record-a-year basis and who recently released a new record in collaboration with Fawn Limbs (here is Martin’s review Martin’s review of Vestigial Spectra! Reasons enough for us to talk with Aidan - so enjoy our second interview in this year’s marathon!

Here is the link to the Xmas Song by Nadja:

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Picture by Niels Vinck fotografeert