Interview with Robin Staps (The Ocean)

The Ocean - Interview


Prolific and proficient! That’s surely something one can say about Robin Staps, his band The Ocean and his label Pelagic Records. We have not only reviewed a lot of records out via Pelagic Records (for example the latest releases by Saver, Arabrot, Mono, Jaye Jayle or JeGong), no Simon has also reviewed the last The Ocean record Holocene (you can check out his review here). But one thing that we must also know about Robin is that he is a man with a lot of interests and as it is always interesting to be interested we were really happy to interview him and kickstart our Xmas-to-New Year-interview marathon!

Yes, we are back with our annual interview marathon here on the VeilofSound - and of course you will get one interview over the next couple of days ending with a bang on January 1! But not only the end should be a bang but basically each and every interview and thus we are happy to give you this first interview with Robin from the Ocean who also runs Pelagic Records. Robin and us talked about ten records that shaped his musical taste and journey and he has come up with many interesting choices, some obvious, some surprising, but all making sense! Afterwards we talk a lot about the Ocean, the band’s development, the upcoming record (yes, UPCOMING) and the way that the band has also added to Robin travelling the world and much, much more. Enjoy the interview and make sure to check back daily to get the latest interview. But for now - we are happy to kickstart this year’s marathon with Robin Staps!

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