Playlist Helve

Playlist #94 by Helve


The British Post-Metallers Helve have released one of the strongest debuts and we here at VoS are proud to have played a tiny role in their promo cycle (for example check out Knut’s review here). They have now in return provided us with this immense playlist with many classic Post-Metal bands like Rosetta, Amenra or Neurosis, but also bands from other genres like Yob, Deftones or SKINLAB!

Music or songs that I like have to inspire a certain feeling. Sometimes I’ll hear a snippet of a song and explore the full song and it has to continue to give me ‘that feeling’ otherwise I feel disappointed and move on. The songs on this list did just that. They invoked a certain feeling whether it be calming or heart pumping.

When I first discovered Post-Metal, I was pretty late to the game, ISIS were at the end of their life cycle, but I was in the right frame of mind having got bored (or too old) to listen to intensely heavy music constantly. It was a whole new world.

I’d heard elements similar to Post-Metal in some Deftones songs to a certain extent, through that contrast between heavy and ambient. But when I started to deep dive into Cult of Luna in particular it was a complete ‘light bulb’ moment, something triggered in me, or inspired me to want to write music in a similar vein. I am now heavily into Post-Metal, as my long suffering wife will attest to, although I love ambient stuff like Sigur Ros, and The Cinematic Orchestra.

I want to experience the journey, or dwell on an awesome heavy riff or drift away and relax to ambient songs. Songs for me have to evoke a feeling or emotion as cliche as it sounds, but it’s the best possible way I can describe how these songs make me feel and the reason why I hold them in such high regard.