Interview with Great Falls

Great Falls - Interview


There are records that are personal because we “make” them personal, by listening to the songs and the story and we associate a lot of our individual history and experience with it until the two things - record and experience - blend into one thing. To me, Great Falls released such a record like this a few weeks ago. Our man Knut wrote a great review on it (here you can read it) and he was a struck by the record as I was. Both of us thought it would be grand to get an interview with one of the guys and we were more than lucky, all three sat down with us!

Great Falls has been a very productive band other the years but their body of work is not only of a high quantity level, but also high on quality which is of course even more important. We talk with the guys about the new record, its story, why Damian is such a workaholic when it comes to being an arts and craft kind of guy. We also learned that one of the legendary short stories of Ernest Hemingway is just that - a legend. And we talk a lot about Hardcore, Noise, and which of the guys broke his arm on stage! Enjoy!

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