Interview with Ilja Lappin (The Hirsch Effekt)

Ilja Lappin (The Hirsch Effekt) - Interview


Very often we hear those silly jokes about the bass player who has an idea for a song and is then thrown out by his bandmates. But in a band like The Hirsch Effekt that surely is not the case as all three band members have their hand in the songwriting process and that makes for this awesome concoction that one hears on their records. Just recently they released their latest one called Urian. Reason enough to sit down for a talk!

Ilja J. Lappin is The Hirsch Effekt’s bassist and a profoundly skilled one on top who has a lot of knowledge about his instrument and how to use it as differently and with as many different purposes as one can imagine. He has turned his instrument into his profession and has worked with other acts as well as producing his own hot sauce. We talked with Ilja about the new record, its place in the band’s ouevre, the pandemic and its influence onto the band, how he got to produce his sauce and much much more. Enjoy!

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