Playlist #VoSxTDM SP7 by The Devil's Mouth


There are some categories that we just couldn’t keep up for lack of collaborators – others just take breaks, but are not forgotten. Our collaboration with The Devil’s Mouth aka José Carlos Santos falls into the second category. To make it clear – this collab just simply won’t go away. It might take a break but it will always come back! This time we wanted to do something seasonal – so José took it literally and compiled a great playlist for you to listen to with songs about the sad and dark sides of summer; with (nearly) all songs having the word “summer” somewhere in the title.

The playlist compiled by Head Honcho Thorsten can be found at José Carlos’ awesome substack where you can see that Thorsten chose some really “happy go lightly, play me some good car trip songs” but with a certain twist. If you wanna know the concept behind his playlist – you gotta watch the video below! Here you can find José’s fine playlist containing tracks by Swans, Current 93, Paradise Lost, Iron & Wine, Manic Street Preachers, Placebo, Sigh, Refused and many, many more!! And this time we give you a little contest – but again to give us the correct answers on one of the manifold social media channels of VoS or TDM you gotta watch the video!